Smart Salt Sodium Reduction Options

Smart Salt has developed several blends to address different requirements as defined by application and target market segment. From home applications to processed food uses, Smart Salt is a good-tasting, low-sodium alternative to traditional salt. In large volumes the crystal size can be adjusted as needed.

Some of the Smart Salt blends are:

1 SMS50: 50% reduction in sodium, recommended for table top and home cooking uses.

2 SMS40: 40% reduction in sodium, fits well with the most difficult applications like potato chips where standard taste profile is extremely desirable for consumers.

3 SMS30: 30% reduction in sodium. This will be our most cost-efficient blend targeted to certain product portfolios where cost is a priority over sodium reduction.

4 SMS60: 60% reduction in sodium, attractive to consumers on medically directed low-sodium diets.

Our research and development team is continuously developing additional Smart Salt blends. Depending on demand we can handcraft particular blends for specific purposes.

PRESERVATIVE ABILITIES: Smart Salt retains the preservative characteristics of regular table salt. This factor gives Smart Salt an advantage over its competitors, not only in replacing table salt in our kitchens, but also in prepared and processed foods.

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