Smart Salt® FAQ

What is Smart Salt®?

Smart Salt® is a sodium reduction technology from Finland.  The products are based on naturally occurring mineral salts of magnesium and potassium, minerals that we all need in our diets.  The added minerals mean that it is possible to reduce the sodium content without taking away the taste. Smart Salt® looks like salt, tastes like salt and preserves and functions like salt.

Where can I purchase Smart Salt?

Smart Salt® is currently available in bulk to processed food manufacturers.  Please contact your local distributor for more information. UK distributor

Is Smart Salt safe for everyday use?

Yes. Smart Salt® contains essential minerals in their salt forms and we have gone through extensive studies to show that the minerals will not exceed recommended daily intake values when used as part of a normal diet.

How do I use Smart Salt® when formulating new food products?

A simple 1:1 replacement of Smart Salt® 40 or 50 for salt will typically help you reach sodium targets. For further information on formulations contact

What is the difference between Smart Salt® and Sea Salt?

Sea Salts are derived from natural sources but they contain as much sodium as regular table salt although sometimes with trace levels of minerals.  Smart Salt® offers a salty tasting product with much lower sodium levels and much higher levels of the naturally occurring minerals of potassium and magnesium – that are important for health including cardiovascular health.

Does Smart Salt® contain iodine?

Smart Salt® can be produced with or without iodine – please contact your local distributor for more information. UK distributor

Can Smart Salt® be used in cooking?

Smart Salt® has been successfully used in restaurant cooking and as table salt for many years.  It handles, looks like and tastes like salt.

Is Smart Salt® suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet?

Yes. Smart Salt® is free from all animal products or by-products and no animal ingredients are used in the manufacturing process.  It is not tested on animals.