What is Smart Salt?

Smart Salt is salt enriched with magnesium and potassium, minerals we all need in our daily diets. Due to the added minerals we were able to reduce the sodium content without taking away the taste.

Where can I purchase Smart Salt?

Smart Salt is currently only available in bulk to processed foods manufacturers. It’s not available in stores yet, but we are working hard to bring it to a store near you very soon.

Is Smart Salt safe for everyday use?

Yes, our salt contains only the healthiest minerals and their salt forms, and we have gone through extensive studies to show that the minerals do not exceed FDAs recommended maximal daily intake values.

How do I use Smart Salt in my family recipes?

With a 1 to 1 ratio it’s easy. For every teaspoon of salt that your recipe calls for you add in replacement exactly the same amount of Smart Salt.

What if I’m on a reduced sodium diet such as DASH (for individuals with high blood pressure) and I need an increased reduction in my sodium intake?

For individuals on a strict sodium-reduction diet we have another Smart Salt blend that reduces sodium by 60%, increased from the 50% sodium reduction of our signature blend for cooking purposes.