Smart Salt® is available in concentrate and blends.

The co-crystallisation technology makes Smart Salt® concentrate handle like salt.

Smart Salt® uses proprietary co-crystallisation technology that stabilises magnesium chloride so that it can be used as a crystalline mineral salt to replace sodium chloride in food products.

Under normal kitchen, restaurant and factory conditions magnesium chloride is very difficult to handle as it is a deliquescent solid which picks up moisture readily even at low humidity levels.  By co-crystallisation, magnesium chloride can be produced as a solid-crystal with improved hygroscopicity and flowability without chemical modification.  The co-crystal is commercially known as Smart Salt® Concentrate (also known in Food Chemical Codex as Magnesal) and is a true crystal, not an agglomerated product or granule, and as such handles like regular crystalline salt.

Sodium reduction is possible up to 60% with Smart Salt® blends.

The co-crystallised product can be used to replace up to 25% of sodium chloride in most applications without the need for additional potassium chloride, flavours or bitter blockers. For greater sodium reduction Smart Salt® Concentrate works optimally in mixture with potassium and sodium chloride.  In this way up to 60% sodium reduction is possible although the proprietary Smart Salt® Blends, SMS 40 (40% sodium reduction) and SMS 50 (50% sodium reduction) have been shown to meet most sodium targets.

The Smart Salt® sodium reduction technology is very flexible which assures cost efficiency in use.

Product Characteristics

  • White crystalline mineral salt
  • Patents granted for application, processes and products in over 40 countries
  • Food grade and suitable for food products in accordance with FCC, FAO/WHO and EU regulations. GRAS by the US FDA.
  • Labelling example (EU) – Smart Salt 50 in a ready meal – Salt, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride

Please ask your local distributor for more details regarding Smart Salt® Concentrate and Smart Salt® Blends. UK distributor

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