The Answer to a Healthier Tomorrow

Question: How can we provide healthy and delicious food to a growing global population suffering from adverse effects of consuming too much sodium?

Answer: Smart Salt.

Smart Salt Inc. is a company born out of entrepreneurial insight and research genius but more importantly out of the desire to have a positive impact on human health for generations to come. The product, the management team, and the application fit together in a unique company destined to become a global powerhouse.

Management Team

Our team consists of highly reputable and experienced individuals who truly enjoy making a difference and improving life through healthier salt products. Our management provides a firm backbone for our worldwide food business with remarkable skill sets and top track records. As we continuously expand our infrastructure, interested professionals are encouraged to join our successful team.

Deborah A. Rolf, CEO and President , has 35 years of experience in the food and food ingredients markets, prior to Smart Salt as President North America for Danisco A/S. Deborah has wide- ranging exposure to the  food ingredients market and first lead our activities to create a strong presence with Americas processed food manufacturers  and in 2015 began leading the activities in the ROW by establishing solid distribution and manufacturing partnerships.

Henri Syvanen, Chairman of the Board, is a Multinational Business Development Executive with over 20 years of experience in management leading small to medium size companies, in the technology arena, forward to meet or exceed their strategic goals.

Advisory Board:

The Smart Salt Advisory Board is made up of top-level professionals in the food industry from around the globe. Board members have been executives at such powerhouse companies as Danisco, General Mills and Morgan Joseph. Board members include:

Mark Thurston, Board Director
John Haen, Board Director
Carlyle Newell, Advisor
Angelo Appierto, Advisor
Juhani Maki, Inventor and Co-Founder

Company Values

We value health, nutrition, and making a difference in people’s lives one bite at a time. Smart Salt, Inc. believes in having a positive impact on the people around us, starting with the way people eat. We can make significant improvements in the quality of life and health all over the world and for generations to come through healthier salt products. Our goal is to provide the processed food industry, restaurants and consumers with the tastiest and healthiest salt product on the market today. We are dedicated to creating a successful business that values all our customers and investors. For our employees, we are building a global company that offers increasing career challenges and professional growth opportunities within the Smart Salt family.


Mailing Address:
Smart Salt, Inc.
P.O. Box 2846
Arnold. Ca 95223

Corporate Offices:
1495 Patricia Lane
Arnold, CA 95223

Phone  1-209-795-1019
Fax  1-209-795-4319