Smart Salt

A smarter choice for processed foods

The processed foods industry, a $3.2 trillion business, faces two challenges. The first is the rising regulatory pressure based on consumer and health advocates hostile towards salt in general. The second is the flagging consumer demand for existing versions of salt alternatives because of bitter aftertaste or lack of flavor appeal. In fact, taste remains the dominant concern in determining consumer preference. This applies to home-cooked meals and processed foods alike.

The potential market for reduced sodium prepared foods is enormous. The Institute of Medicine says 25% Americans are salt sensitive, which translates into 75 million people. According to the CDC, over 69% of Americans already exhibit high blood pressure or hypertension. This means that over 205 million American consumers already need reduced sodium substitutes based on today’s medical conditions.

Existing salt substitutes are not chemically suitable for processed foods or do not have the same flavor-enhancing properties as table salt. The food industry’s challenge has been to develop a salt substitute which can be used in processed foods while having the right taste.

Now, we have a product breakthrough: Smart Salt. It’s not a salt substitute like MSG or yeast extract; it’s a new and patented compound that is a true mineral alternative to sodium chloride.

Smart Salt solves multiple issues:

  • Provides the familiar flavor of table salt
  • Provides the same texture as salt
  • Provides the preservation qualities of salt
  • Can be used in processing and cooking