Smart Salt products are the modern answer to the need for a healthy alternative to traditional, high-sodium salt.

Smart Salt’s unique, patented formula provides the great taste of ordinary table salt with added health benefits. Not only is it the best tasting salt substitute, but it retains the preservation and texture qualities of traditional table salt and is suitable for use in food processing. This makes Smart Salt the best choice for consumers, restaurants and large scale food processors.

Smart Salt eliminates up to 60% of the sodium found in typical salt. For sodium sensitive consumers, this is a major breakthrough. It is perfect for low-sodium recipes and diets. Surveys indicate that consumers cite salt content as one of the top factors in their food worries. Smart Salt is the new healthier salt for these millions of consumers worried about their salt intake. For processors and distributors, the “reduced sodium, healthy alternative” message point of Smart Salt has solid market appeal.

Smart Salt health benefits go further than just reducing sodium. The formulation includes two essential minerals in perfect balance: potassium and magnesium. While a large portion of the U.S. population consumes two to three times more sodium than the RDA (recommended daily allowance), they are simultaneously not getting enough potassium and magnesium in their diets. Smart Salt delivers added potassium, about 10% of the RDA per serving, to rebalance the sodium-potassium ratio for better cardiovascular health. The secret to Smart Salt’s taste is its higher magnesium content. A daily serving of Smart Salt also provides about 10% of the RDA of magnesium, important to enzyme and metabolism health, while at the same time the magnesium makes Smart Salt the best tasting salt alternative on the market.

Finally, Smart Salt retains the preservation characteristics of typical salt. The preservation and cooking characteristics everyone prefers in regular table salt have been kept. This gives Smart Salt a clear advantage over competing products in replacing table salt in our kitchens and in the market for prepared and processed foods.

Smart Salt is dedicated to providing you with the best tasting, healthiest salt alternative on the market. No other product matches its familiar taste, texture, cooking and preservation characteristics, and wide range of applications. All the ingredients in Smart Salt are derived from nature and together produce a final product of premium quality and superb texture.

Smart Salt is the salt alternative for healthy and flavorful living. It meets an enormous consumer demand with benefits designed to make traditional table salt a thing of the past.